Khush Multipurpose Society

Seminar at Dattatray Nagar

Health Awareness Seminar at Dattatray Nagar, Nagpur

Khush Society initiate Health Awareness for general public.

A free seminar for general public on health awareness was organised at Sant Dyaneshwar garden Datatray Nagar Nagpur under Khush Society

Our President Dr. Ravi Vairagade delivered a enthusiastic speech explaining the importance of Mind Re-programming in the following words.

He said….

90% people neglect health till they loose it…

After illness, 90% develop dependance on temporary control medicine.

Only 10% peolple are ready to take responsibility and take necessary action like..


  • Physical level
  • Exercise
  • Yoga

Very less percentage of people work on mind with…

  • Counselling
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation

But Finally with not so encouraging results. Even after doing all these good take care activities, most health enthusiast still have to take medicnes for life long… Finally having side effects of medicines as well as complications of diseases. although it is really good for some disease reversal, ..

Is there anything beyond this?


  • Genetic targeted medicines
  • Gene Reprogramming
  • Mind Reprogramming

This is the future of Healthcare.

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