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The mind, body, soul and spirit are the components that collectively comprise and define our species. If we are sick or suffering, we must work holistically to completely heal. If we do not, we are missing the connection and in all likelihood, will never reach our potential for wellness and vitality. If we do not consider the whole human being, we will most likely work to alleviate symptoms of a problem and never address the root cause.
The only way to fully heal and recover from addiction, trauma, performance anxiety is a holistic program like the one we offer at KHUSH Multipurpose Society.

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“I had left all hopes for the treatment for myself due to lack of money but these people came in the form of god and provided me full and free treatment”

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Find out how to radically improve your health and prevent disease in this highly informative and motivating one day workshop by Khush Multipurpose Society

The workshop will be addressed by Dr. Ravi Vairagade, Health and Life Coach (President of Khush Multipurpose Society)