Khush Multipurpose Society

Happy New Year 2020

From  KHUSH NGO, may your every morning be filled with joy and happiness. Let us embrace ourself and make our life much more better by “change“. Here’s how :

  • — Pledge to be FIT. Exercise, do yoga at home, or go to the gym, or most simply RUN. Find the way to commit 30 mins or an hour to yourself to sweat it out and stay fit.
  • — Take a vacation : Have your own “me” time. Indulge in what you love. Self-love is the greatest medicine and it boost up the “feel-good-factor”. You will return back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • — Read a book – Exercise that brain. Get away from mobile phone.
  • Quit smoking – And no, not “just one cigarette”. No, not even a puff. Just QUIT.
  • — Spend quality time with family – Technology has created a distance between families. Look up, look around and spend time with those around you. Bridge the gap.
  • Drink lot of water – Even when you are not thirsty, at least drink a glass of water every hour. You may not need it but your body does. HYDRATE is the key.
  • — Volunteer – Contribute to the betterment of the society. Bring a smile in someone’s life. Do something kind everyday. Add your karma to your life.
  • — Keep a journal – Writing a diary channel your inner desire. It help de-clutter your mind. It also help keep track of your mental plus emotional well being.

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